Learn all about investing in real estate in Providence, Rhode Island with a combination of real estate financial planning and modeling with numbers specific to Providence plus syndicated, more generalized recordings of live and pre-recorded real estate investing classes (not all specific to Providence).

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Is Nomad Dead?!

The market has changed so much in the last couple of years... can you even do the same strategies we were doing a few years ago? Find out in this special throwback cla...

Having Confidence Modeling Retirement with Real Estate Investments

What is a reasonable mortgage interest rate to use when thinking about buying properties over several years? How confident are you in being able to get that rate?

Impact of Rapidly Rising Interest Rates on Real Estate Investors

With rising interest rates in Providence, some investors are wondering if real estate investing is dead. James talks about historical interest rates and the impact of ...

Throwback: Future Narrative Process™ for Providence Real Estate Investors

James shares an advanced goal setting process for real estate investors in Providence with this throwback recording from 2012.

Overcoming Hurdles to Real Estate Investing - Part 6 of 6: Inner Game

Part 6 of 6 parts. This one is all about inner game: committing, courage, capability and confidence. Real estate investors in Providence often face similar challenges,...

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